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On-rack Filecoin Miner 4300T

14697200 Ft

Specifikáció: 4300T

Funkciók: FIL  PoST  Air-cooling Miner


Specifikáció: 4300T

Funkciók: FIL  PoST  Air-cooling Miner

Model On-rack Filecoin Miner (Storage Server)
Cryptocurrency FIL
Effective Storage Capacity 430TiB
Hashrate 4300TiB


Miner Cost (4.45$/T) $19,131
Encapsulation Computing Service Fee (1.3$/T) $5,544
540-day Mining Operation and Maintenance Fee (including IDC leasing, IDC operation and maintenance, proof servers, node servers, and other maintenance costs during the 540-day hosting period) $14,213


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